Out of Darkness

Encaustic, India ink, and oils with beeswax over watercolor on birch panel

Out of Darkness

That moment when the light of the rising sun, filtered by the forest, pierces darkness, painting the winter landscape in blue and gold.

Inspired by a fleeting moment I glimpsed last week through my bedroom window.

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  1. This is surely one of the most, if not the most beautiful encaustic painting I have ever seen. ‘’ Out Of Darkness.” I am in Painting with Fire, for the past two years. I want to buy one of your paintings, but really can’t afford one. Do you ever make prints?

    • Thank you, very much! Out of Darkness was inspired by the light one early morning this past winter. I had to go immediately to my studio to try to convey what was in my mind’s eye and in my heart! It was recently in an exhibit and found a new home. I haven’t made prints of my work, but would consider doing so. Send me a message through the contact link on this site and we can explore some possibilities! Hope you are enjoying Painting with Fire. I’m looking forward to teaching at Lora Murphy’s school in person next October!

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