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Painting with Fire 2022 – 2023

I am pleased to announce that I am one of 26 instructors for this next iteration of Painting with Fire, a yearlong online workshop offered through Lora Murphy’s Essence of Mulranny art school in Ireland.

Here’s a preview of two of my sessions:

Of Darkness and Light

Light pierces darkness, unfurling our world of perceived color…How can we bring a sense of the compelling, radiant edges of day, veiled in mystery, into our paintings? 

Our focus will be on creating abstracted, luminous landscapes. We’ll touch on a bit of the physics of light and color and how that knowledge can inform the creation of luminous encaustic mixed media paintings. We’ll go from both directions – starting with a light, bright background and building up the contrasting dark layers, as well as starting from a dark background and building layers of light.

Dramatic Skies

The sky at dawn, at sunset, and as storms approach and recede are often full of such glorious drama…How can we convey a natural sense of the sky given the time of day and unique atmospheric conditions?

In this session we’ll touch on some of the physics of light and how it impacts our sense of sky and cloud color at different times of day, through different atmospheric conditions. We’ll then explore a variety of ways to convey that drama using encaustics, oils, watercolor and India ink

26 world renowned Encaustic artists, more than 50 hours of online instruction that you can view at any time, $249 Early Bird discount tuition.

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