RQuinn_encaustic_leaf_snowThe elegance of a fallen leaf on the forest floor, the eerie glow as morning fog lifts, the dynamic tension between abstraction and naturalism – these are the inspirations for Regina Quinn’s encaustic and oil paintings. A New York City native, Regina divides her time between New York’s Catskill Mountains and the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont where her work is influenced by the stark winters, lush springs, exuberant summers and vibrant autumns.  Working in encaustics, she builds transparent and opaque layers, scrapes and scratches and incises to reveal and obscure, working towards the sense of awe and wonder she experiences daily in the natural world.

Regina holds a Special Studies in Fine Arts bachelor’s degree from Trinity College where she received the Peyser Art Award, first prize and a master’s degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Vermont. She has designed and painted sets for several Lyric Theater productions at Burlington, Vermont’s Flynn Theater for the Performing Arts and has worked as a muralist, graphic designer, and educator for 35 years. Regina is dedicated to sparking students’ creativity, innovation, and passion for environmental stewardship.

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  1. Good morning Dear Regina.
    My name is Alberto Escobar and I´m the Artistic Director of EMURJ a project of a new brand gallery established in Barcelona, Spain. I saw your work on the net, and I found it very interesting and special. I was trying to look for an email to contact you direct but didnt find it in your page. I would like to have your work for the inaugural exhibition. If you are interested please send me a message to this email, and so that way I will be able to send you the remaining info: aescobar@emurj.global

    Thank you very much. I really apreciate a lot your work.


    Alberto Escobar
    Artistic Director of EMURJ

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