Painting The Edge of Day

I hope you’ll join me for this week’s session of Painting with Fire in which I demonstrate the development of this piece, Along the Hudson.

I’m among a faculty of 26 encaustic artist instructors who are sharing their process in a year long course that you can access at any time, forever, once you have registered.

You can join at any time! And the access to all of the faculty members is a remarkable opportunity. I am teaching. I am learning. Hope you will join!

Here’s the link.

One Comment on “Painting The Edge of Day

  1. Dear Regina
    I am part of this year long workshop of Painting with Fire.
    Your demo was most exciting, I was impressed with each stage of your work. I learned a lot, realizing I could incorporate oils into the encaustic, and how to do it correctly, was helpful.
    Being able to watch it again, is a plus.
    I was excited to see all of your beautiful work.
    Thank you for taking part in this year long workshop.
    I have taken workshops with Kathryn Bevier, through her, I have gotten to love encaustics.
    Seeing your demo, has given me inspiration.
    thank you,
    Muci Clemens

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