Schoharie Reservoir

Inspired by an autumn view of the Schoharie Reservoir in Gilboa, New York.
Encaustics and oils with beeswax over watercolor.

I created this painting as a demonstration piece for a workshop I am offering called Wax Over Water: Creating luminous landscapes with encaustics, oils and beeswax.

The distant area that gives a sense of an island in the reservoir is done in watercolors over which I applied multiple layers of encaustic medium – unpigmented, molten beeswax with damar resin. Next, I used chromatic blacks to give a sense of the silhouetted trees. Next I scratched and incised into the wax with a sharp knife and razor blades. The final layers are done with translucent oils mixed with beeswax, resulting in a piece that glows and feels almost like a stained glass window.

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2 Comments on “Schoharie Reservoir

  1. As someone who lives next to the Schoharie Reservoir, I can say that you’ve captured it beautifully. Is this for sale?

    • You’re not going to believe this, but we met this afternoon when I visited your shop!!!! So glad I took your business card and I see that it is you!!! I will email you.

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