A Cloud of Seeds

I am mesmerized by the clouds of seeds that hover over fields in late summer as grasses and wildflowers go to seed while touches of summer greens remain visible.

This painting started with watercolors on a cradled, gessoed panel followed by multiple layers of encaustics. The cloudy sky area was heated to a smooth surface while other areas were more lightly fused allowing deep and rich textures. Using blades and knives, I cut and carved into the field and tree areas adding even more vegetative texture. Finally, I applied transparent oils mixed with R & F Paints’ Blending Medium (beeswax with linseed oil) and lightly fused to the encaustic surface.

2 Comments on “A Cloud of Seeds

  1. I love how you capture the very beauty that I seek in my frolicking adventures. This piece is so calming!

    • Bridget!!!! So good to hear from you. Thank you for your comment. I so love the fields as they go to seed! Hope all is well with you.

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