Morning Light


I’ve been working on very small paintings lately. The little 5 by 7 winter landscape features a watercolor layer coated with layers of encaustic medium and then oil paints mixed with beeswax and linseed oil.

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  1. I am enchanted by these small works. The mystery and the light draws me into each. I have not been able to find information about contacting you, if you sell your work, if you teach classes. This is a serious inquiry (though I’m not by nature a very serious person) and not a random inquiry. I post some of my work on Instagram @susangantz. I no longer do shows, but continue to enjoy teaching mono printing, cyanotypes, mixed media work, polymer clay, and several other passions. I had the pleasure of several workshops in encaustics with Nancy Crawford. I have a small collection of work from each instructor who has guided my path in retirement. I would love to own one of your works, and look forward to hearing from you.

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